San Antonio fiesta

We watched the annual fiesta parade this evening. I’m not sure what is has to do with The Alamo, but an estimated 700,000 people watched for more than two hours as platoon after platoon of band members, military veterans and assorted community groups (had you heard of the Alzafar Shriners?) marched, strolled and waddled past. I said platoon deliberately: It seemed that more than half the groups were military based, and were taken very seriously. San Antonians (as, I suspect, many other Americans) were long on participation and patriotism but rather low on style and humour. And we must have seen and heard thirty marching bands, none of which distinguished themselves in any way (and we did not wait until the end!). Rio and Notting Hill should not feel threatened!

Nevertheless the whole evening was a lot of fun: we started with a delicious Mexican meal (reversing our rather negative views on Mexican food – it was excellent) and continued by standing on the pavement watching the parade for two hours, until our feet demanded a rest. We plan a quieter day tomorrow, when the forecast is 85 and sunny.


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