From Texas to Louisiana

Texas is the lone star state, and they fly their flag (see below) as much as the stars and stripes.


We left Galveston after the worst meal of the trip so far – I mistakenly ordered a fried fish platter, which proved to be the brownest, least tasty, platter ever carried by waiter. But the Holiday Inn breakfast was fine, and cheap, so with spirits restored we set off for the best freebie in Texas: The Galveston Ferry. This carried us a mile or so across the busiest waterway in the US – effectively the entrance to Houston harbour – for nothing! The sun was shining, the sea breeze was blowing, the pelicans were flying and all was right with the world. It’s hard to imagine that pelicans were once threatened: they are now very common, as are vultures pecking at the plentiful roadkill.

After 70 or 80 miles of wetlands and wildlife sanctuaries, and a second free ferry, we re-joined real life on the I10 interstate and headed for Lafayette, Louisiana. We have found a small boutique hotel in the university district with huge rooms and “we put out the coffee from 5.30am”. We are booked into a “fine dining” tapas restaurant in an hour’s time and a swamp tour tomorrow. More of those in the next posting.


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