Lafayette, LA

Our “boutique” hotel here is rather comic, but friendly. Our in-room breakfast deliverer had to “pop to the cafe next door for some ice” and then re-boot the air conditioner. We went to a very interesting display at the local Cultural Centre and now know ( which we didn’t before) that the French in Louisiana were displaced from Nova Scotia. I also learned that the
French only actually owned Louisiana for three years. Napoleon got it from the Spanish and then sold it (in the famous Louisiana Purchase) to the USA within 3 years.

Then moving seamlessly from history to nature we took a swamp tour, in a flat-bottomed boat. Not only did we see lots of alligators (including babies) but the bird life was fantastic: a bald eagle; roseate spoonbills; several new types of heron; three types of egret and more.

Lunch was a non-event: the swamp tour finished at 2pm and we then could not find anywhere still serving lunch! However missing a meal will not hurt us. Last night we ate splendidly in a tapas bistro and tonight will try the concierge’s recommended fish restaurant.

We hope that the grandchildren have received the customised postcards we sent – most recently an hour ago.

By the way, Louisiana is not one of our “new” states: we both visited New Orleans (with Rob and Laura) many tears ago.


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