… And more Memphis

We could stay here for a long time. The city is so comfortable and easy-going, Today we had five quite different experiences:
We tried to get up late, but only succeeded in reaching the hotel lobby just before the “march of the ducks”. We were persuaded to sit and watch this age-old ceremony (as if we did not see ducks every day at home!) in the company of a couple of American tourists. Meanwhile the hotel has been filling up with the dregs of American society, otherwise known as a Republican National Convention.

Next we went to Memphis Botanic Garden – a delightful spot, although the edge was slightly taken off by the presence of about a thousand school children and major re-construction works. We did however find a perfect light lunch.

Returning to the city we took the best-value trip – a one-dollar ride on the circular tram route. This revealed what seems to be a universal truth: it is a very short distance, in most cities, between the plush areas and the run-down streets. We got off at Beale Street (which manages to be both fashionable and run-down simultaneously) and went to the Museum of Rock ‘N Soul. Again (see yesterday) we were impressed by the quality and presentation in a small museum. A nice feature was that everyone was issued with an audio set, and part of its content was a “juke box” so you could choose to listen to your selection of 1950s records as you went round.

Fifthly, and finally, we treated ourselves to a meal at a restaurant called “Flight”. Everything was available as a flight of three, so we had three wines, three small portions of different salads and three small portions of our main courses. Even so an American “small” defeated both of us and we could not finish!


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