The end is nigh

The weather in Chicago today is hot and sticky, with occasional light showers. After checking out we took an architectural boat trip on the Chicago river. It was fantastic: our volunteer guide spoke passionately and knowledgeably about the various buildings which you can see from the river, from the original Wrigley and Tribune buildings to the latest Donald Trump piece of (very tall) vulgarity. The tours are run by the Chicago Architectural Foundation and the guide announced that she was a volunteer and as such would not accept tips. You don’t hear that very often!

Everything we saw today reinforced our desire to return to Chicago. We did not attend an opera, go to Symphony Hall, visit the Art Museum or the Contemporary Art Gallery, ride the L to the airport, eat a steak, or take in a serious play. Last time we came it was a bit cold, so eating outside was not an option. This time we probably saw it at its best, although I would be intrigued to experience the extreme cold and see the river freeze.

We took a shuttle bus to the airport and saw solid traffic all the way (many L trains overtook us, going to the same place!). Check in and security were soon passed, so I am typing this in the departure lounge waiting to board. The only glitch was a couple of minutes delay at check-in as they searched unsuccessfully for Gwen’s name, before realising (to Gwen’s great annoyance) that the booking was in my name, so I was the lead name in their database. The clerk apologised to me, not to Gwen.

We will try to sleep on the plane, and hope to arrive home bubbling and alert tomorrow. Bye bye blog-readers.


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